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I think this is a vegan recipe, unless there are hidden traps.

Quick lentil curry recipe )

I haven't had this in ages and now I want one :)
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drownedforest on Etsy

Have a look! Inflate my page views! Buy something if you want to! Don't feel under any obligation whatsoever! Just don't tell me all my listings suck, because I'll cry.
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Now I have a Paypal account. Ho, ho, ho.

Next week the shop goes live!
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So here I am on Dreamwidth. (I hope the crossposting works.)

Eight months ago I had a good job, a nice house, a reliable car, and a four-year-old Powerbook that was falling well behind the technology curve but was still very usable.

Now I'm unemployed and I live in a box trailer. My car was written off a month ago thanks to some idiot in a Suzuki Jimny, and my Powerbook won't turn on. But I've been to Darwin and got a box of fireworks and France and some more of the UK. And I still don't know how to write postcards, so I have bought about 15 but have not sent any.

It's been a pretty eventful year! And soon I will tell you all about it.

Right now I'm in the process of setting up and stocking an Etsy store, so that I can leverage it into a full-on business making earrings and bracelets and anklets for the larger-boned lady (the earrings are available to everyone) and thereby make something resembling a living without having to go anywhere near the IT industry. I've made nine whole pairs of earrings, in three whole designs and one variation, and I've got two more orders coming to my temporary address. And I'm going to have to order some more silver bits. I have one artsy photo of each style now, so all I have to do is take a non-artsy photo of each one and then write a description for each and also come up with a banner and an avatar and write up some store policies and figure out whether I can do returns and/or exchanges without a fixed address (probably not). Piece of cake. No worries, in fact. Pas de probleme. I can't do accents on this OS.

And we're going back to Melbourne next February to see Tool. \m/ \m/
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I'm so bored with LiveJournal. So here I am. Hi, everyone.

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